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Fully adapted to the modern dynamic of these days “glamping”, Slowmoov proposes you accommodations all from wood (caravans, pods, cabins, boats, etc.) fully equipped and with respect for the environment, in the heart of preserved nature. Your stay in one of our villages will give you the possibility to leave the created paths and enjoy an amazing holiday in the countryside.

Unusual villages


Slowmoov is a new way of planning a holiday. The idea is about taking the time to recharge, it’s about enjoying some fresh air. This is what we call “slow tourism” in the holiday industry. Taking the time to really discover an area, to spend time getting reacquainted with all nature has to offer… without skimping on comfort! If what you want it to unplug and reboot, look no further than our 3 holiday villages and unusual accommodation options!


River-tourism enthusiasts in Burgundy are behind Slowmoov. Being on a river means taking the time to let the water take you where it will. And so we decided to use this same idea on land too! This is how we came up with the idea for our holiday villages, where you will find cabins, caravans and, if you wanted to feel even closer to the water, reconfigured barges too.

All of our unusual accommodation options are environmentally-friendly as part of this concept, which means that you can get lost in your surroundings with the utmost respect for nature. These original lodgings have also been created to make you as comfortable as possible, with a sprinkle of added charm! It’s a win-win for everyone and the perfect getaway

You’ll find an unusual place to stay whether you want to come as a couple, with friends or your family! There are plenty of options for an unusual stay: from the wood hut to the luxury chalet, or the bohemian charm of a wood gypsy caravan, there really is something for everyone.

Coming with family? Why not give the Trapper’s Cabin an explore for a quirky stay mounted on stilts, or take a look at the wood caravans! They have been carefully arranged to house your clan over several nights and are both comfortable and will guarantee a change of scenery.

If you’re looking for an unusual romantic getaway, have a closer look at our barrel (cask) options or even just under the stars in our star-gazing pod!

If instead you fancy giving glamping a go, a magical cabin or pod will be the perfect compromise between camping and an unusual hotel room.

Take a look at all of our holiday rental options depending on your group and what you’re in the mood for!

There are three Slowmoov holiday villages built in the countryside. You’ll find them in a stunning green oasis out of the way and they have all been designed to help you relax. With the pool, sauna and jacuzzi there’s no shortage of relaxing options to be found on-site. Each one with its own appeal! Just outside the village gates you will find stunning walking trails through forests off the beaten track.


A holiday village in Burgundy

Enjoy life on the water’s edge by our pond at the Toue des Demoiselles Village in Burgundy. Why not escape on an unusual trip in this Natura 2000 site, through the Burgundy vineyards and Auvergne volcanoes. If sleeping on an over-water cabin is for you, then look no further!


Caravans in Champagne

Our Champagne village is located right on the Route du Champagne tourist track where you’ll find plenty of fun activities nearby. Both young and old will have plenty to enjoy in the village itself, with its pool, games area or sports fields. Perfect for an unforgettable family holiday!


Unsual cabins in Corrèze

Last but certainly not least, our Village des Monédières is located in the calm and picturesque Corrèze countryside. Its starry sky (the clearest in Europe!) and stunning arboretum are just a couple of the many wonders this regional natural park has to offer in the Plateau de Millevaches (Limousin).

Get in touch or take a look at the virtual tours for each of our villages and accommodation options before booking your unusual holiday experience with Slowmoov!