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Toues cabanées

Unusual holidays
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Our over-water cabins

Holiday accommodation steeped in history


Our over-water cabin is a converted touecabanée, a traditional wooden boat that was once used for river transport in the Loire Valley as well as for salmon fishing.

The touecabanée was something of a trailblazer when it comes to re-purposing: once it reached its destination, it would often be completely dismantled so that its wood could be reused for construction in the building trade!

It’s still a master of reinvention given that we’ve now turned it into comfortable, 100% French-made, eco-responsible accommodation. Come and spend the night aboard a marvel of river history!

The over-water cabin is comfortable, unusual and an original alternative to traditional holiday accommodation. Its warm wooden interior offers both privacy and an uninterrupted view of nature. A guaranteed change of scenery

Unusual holidays

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