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Discover our new accommodation options

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Kyara Cabin

Don’t see red, sea blue!

This is our stunning Kyara Cabin. The beautiful vibrant blue really sets it apart from the luscious shades of green throughout our quirky countryside village. The rustic wooden walls and unusual straw roof make this a truly original holiday home: perfectly imperfect.

Everything in the cabin has been carefully thought out so that you can enjoy your relaxing escape into the heart of nature.

Over-water cabin with hot tub

A relaxing, romantic weekend with private hot tub

Come aboard this most aquatic and quirky holiday home This original accommodation guarantees premium comfort worthy of a 4-star hotel. An original holiday and a welcome change of scenery guaranteed!

Pull out all the stops by whisking your partner off to one of our over-water cabins with private Jacuzzi.

Star-gazing cube with hot tub

Romance and relaxation

Who wouldn’t want to sleep under the stars? That’s what we can offer you with our star-gazing cube where you can enjoy the starry sky without compromising on comfort. This unusual cabin is specially designed for observing the stars without leaving the comfort of your bed.

Relaxation guaranteed with its private Jacuzzi.

Robinson’s Dream

Designed like the cabin of a boat, it has a surface area of 20m² (and a volume of 50m3) and 3 beds.

Opposite the small kitchen is a dining area for 6 people, including a sofa. When you’ve finished eating, you can hoist the table, attached by a cable, up towards the ceiling and out of the way, transforming the sofa you were just sitting on into a double bed.


There is also a passageway with a single berth and a bunk bed for a child and a comfortable shower room with toilet. The captain’s cabin has a 160 cm double bed for a sleepy night on the water.

There is also a 4m² terrace to enjoy breakfast whilst overlooking nature. A truly unusual holiday and a much-needed a change of scenery!

The family-size over-water cabin

Enjoy a memorable family adventureright in the heart of nature on our family-size houseboat.

A genuine, French-made houseboat. It features a flat-bottomed polyester hull and a wooden cabin.

This boat is steeped in history, the ToueCabanée being a traditional boat that once travelled the waters of the Loire.

All you need for an unforgettable holiday on the water.

Robinson’s Dream

Robinson Crusoe dreamed of starting a family in the wilderness, far from the beaten track. Deserted on his faraway island, he began to dream up a wooden-style hut that he could spend his days in.

With only the hull of his beached boat and driftwood for materials, he devised a crazy plan… And this is how the wooden hut, Robinson’s Dream, came to be.

Glamping hut

Camping with a twist

You can have the pleasure of sleeping in a tent on a summer’s night but in one of our comfortable glamping huts. Enjoy a unique glamping experience, close to nature and in complete privacy, but with access to all the facilities in our quirky village.