To visit in Burgundy Auvergne: the PAL, the cycling path, the animals, the castle





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Atypical holidays in Burgundy Auvergne

Village Toue : Unique accommodations near to PAL

The PAL park is one of the must-see places to visit in Auvergne! Enjoy your unusual holidays at Village Toue to discover this famous amusement park and animals.

Thanks to its proximity to Village Toue (about 30 km), you will enjoy a day at the PAL while living the unique experience of a floating accommodation in Auvergne.


The amusement park and animals PAL is a vast landscaped area of 50 hectares located in the Allier in Dompierre-sur-Besbre. This park has more than 25 extraordinary attractions and nearly 600 animals from 5 continents and evolving in their restored natural habitat. Animal shows are presented several times a day: a superb sea lion show in their aquatic complex, a fabulous parrot show and a fascinating flight of birds of prey in flight.The park PAL is the 5th largest French amusement park in terms of visitors and has strengthened its position as the leading tourist site in Auvergne with 512,000 admissions in 2013.

On request, tickets are for sale at Village Toue.

Tarif Public – Saison 2020

Adulte et Enfant
de 10 ans et plus
Enfant de moins de 10 ans Enfant de moins
de 1 mètre (chaussé)
Billet 1 Jour 26 € 23 € Gratuit
Billet 1 Jour Handicapé (2) 26 € 23 € Gratuit
Forfait 2 Jours consécutifs 46 € 42 € Gratuit
Pass Premium (3) 73 € 63 € Gratuit

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